Welcome to the new world of personalized investing

Artificial intelligence is here to combine your values, interests, and goals into a tax-efficient investment strategy that works for you.


Automatically discover your universe of stocks and crypto

Creating a personalized investment strategy is now as simple as a search. In seconds, our powerful machine learning scans millions of data points to create your own A.I. portfolio.


Let your values show (as your wealth grows)

You want your investments to reflect your values. Put your money to work while staying true to what matters. Just feed in your interests and let SkopeAI handle the rest.

GHG Emissions
Fresh Water

Elevate performance

A.I. never sleeps. SkopeAI was built to optimize return, control risk, and trade based on what matters to you. That's a win-win-win.

Portfolio value

Save on taxes without lifting a finger

If you ask our A.I., every season is tax season. SkopeAI is on the lookout to harvest tax losses. That can mean a lower tax bill for you.

Tax savings
Maximize opportunity

Automated trading and risk management

The A.I. continuously monitors companies, crypto assets, and trends to implement dynamic investments, seeking to conquer the ever-changing markets.


$5+ Billion

Numbers tell it all. With over 5 years of research and development, SkopeAI’s technology has been battle-tested by powering billions of dollars of traded assets for sophisticated investors.


World’s first easy-to-use platform
for A.I. portfolios

Craft your own A.I. powered strategy
Cut out the ETF, hedge fund, and mutual fund middlemen
Share your portfolios
Save on taxes with the help of A.I.
Discover portfolios that match your values and interests
Effortlessly invest commission-free

Meet the team behind the A.I.

Our CEO is a machine learning PhD, and our Chief Investment Officer led the design of the Goldman Sachs asset allocation approach that is used to invest hundreds of billions of dollars for the firm’s wealth management clients.

SkopeAI's technology was developed through years of research.

We founded SkopeAI to unleash the power of innovative investment approaches and rewrite the rules of investing.

Our backgrounds

A community of A.I. powered investors

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